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Hunan University Television Station

Founded in 1989 and originally under the governance of Audio-Visual Education News Centre of Hunan University Educational Administration Office, the television station of Hunan University was officially named Hunan University Television Station in 1998 and has been under the jurisdiction of the Publicity Department of the CPC Committee of Hunan University ever since.

In addition to student reporters and specialised student announcers, there are five permanent staff in the TV Station at present.

The station produces a variety of award-winning TV columns, includingNews Weekly, Special Angle, Campus Discoveries, People, Oral Account of Hunan University, Dynamic University Platform, Film and Video Theatre, etc.

Many have won awards in the TV Specials and News Production competitions at both the national and provincial levels:he Kingdom of Chu, Unique Home of the Talents: Talent Cultivationwon the first-grade prize of 2005 Excellent Radio and Television Programs by the Provincial University TV Stations, TV SpecialCharming Campuswon the second-grade prize of 2006 National Campus Cultural Construction Achievement Exhibition, andFighting Against SARS:Hunan University Building up an Invisible Fencegot the third-grade prize of 2005 Good News Award issued by the Hunan Provincial Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

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  • Changsha, Hunan Province

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