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Broadcasting Station of Hunan University

The Broadcasting Station of Hunan University is a wired broadcasting network, covering the whole campus.

Under the charge of the Publicity Department of the CPC Committee, Hunan University, it serves as a very important mass media. So far, the station has established various columns, ranging from news, sports, culture, interview, and music to English, and has also set up working groups in charge of news, announcing, programming, news collecting and editing, and news recording respectively. The broadcasting station always takes charge of the acoustics setting and offers hosting services for large-scale activities of the university. It has set up an interactive broadcasting network platform both on and off campus as its practice base.

The station has built up a good reputation in broadcasting programs, while successfully cultivating some excellent student announcers and hosts. Some of them used to be chairmen of the University Students' Union or core members of Colleges' Students Union and won prizes or worked in central or prefectural level radio, television and news departments.

Besides, the programs of the Broadcasting Station are quite popular among the present 20,000 students on campus.


Noon News Express

The Fourth-Dimensional Space: News on Campus

Campus Culture

Sports Storm


Music Enthusiasts

English Hour-Hunan University Time

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