HNU Participates in International Symposium on CPC History

A “Centurial Journey of the Communist Party of China (CPC)” international symposium was held online in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, on June 4, 2021. It was hosted by theUniversity of Congress (Universidad de Congreso) and participated by nearly 30 experts and scholars from the host university, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Wuhan University, Hunan University (HNU), and some Latin American countries.

Zhang Duoduo, associate professor from HNU School of Design, shared HNU’s targeted poverty alleviation experiences and achievements based on its “New Tongdao – Hua Yao Hua” program. Her presentation attracted attentions from both Chinese and foreign attendees.

Thorough discussions were organized on four topics – CPC history and development; CPC’s roles in China’s targeted poverty alleviation; CPC’s influences on Chinese people’s basic rights; and, how to learn from CPC’s governing experiences – a case study of China’s fight against COVID-19 epidemic. The attendees exchanged their views, and expected for field research and offline academic dialogues.

Sun Xintang, scholar from Beijing Language and Culture University and honorary professor of the University of Congress, presented a joint declaration of the symposium on behalf of Chinese and Latin American scholars. The joint declaration congratulated on CPC’s 100thfounding anniversary, and announced that, China and Argentina will maintain and promote communication and cooperation. Scholars should conduct research on CPC from scholarly perspectives rationally and rigorously and in an objective and impartial manner, and explore national governance mode and experiencein the new era.

The symposium was livestreamed and reported on many Chinese and foreign mainstream media websites.

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