Campus Wireless Network (WLAN)

The seamless coverage has been completed in the first phase of the WLAN construction on the South Campus, including the area of former Computer and Communication College of Hunan University. The indoor wireless coverage is enhanced in Library, Fulinshe Teaching Building, Central Teaching Building, Yifu Building, Qianjin Teaching Building, the new Comprehensive Teaching Building near Tianma Mountain, buildings of College of Business Administration, the Assembly Hall and the Gymnasium on the South Campus.

The second phase of WLAN construction is expected to fulfill the overall wireless coverage on the whole North Campus and student apartments on and off campus.

Transaction Procedures:

1. Visit the website of and register with the campus e-card.

2. Pay the charges either via the touch-screen self-service machine with the campus e-card or at the business hall of Informatization Office after the registration.

3. After connecting to the corresponding wireless base station, type any website tin browser and type in the username and password in the pop-up logging window for the access to the network.

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