Tang Yayang

Tang Yayang, male, born in June 1964 in Wugang City of Hunan Province. He is a member of the Communist Party of China, doctor of philosophy, researcher. Now he is member and deputy secretary of the Standing Committee of CPC Committee of Hunan University. He also serves as Vice Chairman of the Hunan Research Society of Ideological and Political Work, Head of the Research Base of Ideological and Political Work for College Students in Hunan University and Honorary Vice President of Chuanshan Association.

Tang Yayang graduated from the College of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering of Hunan University in July 1986 as bachelor of engineering, majoring in internal-combustion engine. In June 1990, he earned second bachelor's degree in Huazhong Normal University majoring in ideological and political education. He got the master's degree in history of Chinese thinking of Hunan University in June 2000 and doctor of philosophy in ethnics of Hunan Normal University in June 2006.

Tang Yayang has long been engaged in the management of higher education, ideological and political work over college students and the Party affairs. He strives for innovation at work, puts emphasis on combination of theory and practice, and develops scientific research based on the actual situation of institutions of higher education. He has been the principal investigator over more than 10 projects including the National Social Science Fund projects, key projects of philosophy and social sciences of MOE and key social science projects of Hunan Province. He edited over 10 monographs such as Social Entrepreneurship and published more than 30 academic papers as the first author in such important journals and periodicals as the theoretical edition of the People's Daily, Guangming Daily, Seeker, Journal of Higher Education and etc. The teaching team and courses led by Tang were respectively appraised as the provincial-level teaching team and provincial excellent courses. He won in succession the first prize for the Teaching Results of Hunan Province, the first-rank award for Campus Culture Construction of MOE, top prize for the thesis concerning students' ideological and political education and the honor of advisor in the First Chinese Social Entrepreneurship.

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