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Hunan-Hong Kong Forum on Nanochemistry and Nanomedicine Opens at HNU

Opening ceremony of the 2019 Hunan-Hong Kong Forum on Nanochemistry and Nanomedicine.

Tong Xudong, director of the Hunan Science and Technology Department, speaks at the opening ceremony.

The 2019 Hunan-Hong Kong Forum on Nanochemistry and Nanomedicine opened at HNU on May 13. It was hosted by HNU,City University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. It concentrated on various cutting-edge researches of nano science. The participants included:

Chad Mirkin, academician of the American National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Academy of Medicine, foreignmember of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), and professor at Northwestern University;

Prof. Tan Weihong, CAS Academician, and HNU President;

Prof. Lu Jian, academician of National Academy of Technologies of France, and vice president of City University of Hong Kong;

Zhang Hua, outstanding materials scientist, and professor at City University of Hong Kong; and,

more than 40 experts and scholars from Northwestern University, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and HNU.

Prof. Zhang Xiaobing, dean of the HNU College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, presides over the opening ceremony.

Prof. Lu Jian delivers a speech.

Prof. Chad Mirkin started the forum with a report of “Megalibraries: Discovering New Materials and Cellular Functions”. On May 13 and 14, nearly 30 researchers exchanged views on their respective nano researches.

A group photo of the leaders and researchers presented.

Prof. Chad Mirkin makes a report.

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