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1st Huaxiang Scholar International Forum on Bioinformation Technology Held at HNU

The first "Huaxiang Scholar" International Forum was held at the National Supercomputing Center in Changsha on June 15 and 16, 2019. More than 30 prominent Chinese and foreign experts participated, including the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) academicians Yu Ruqin, Chen Runsheng, Zhao Guoping, and Tan Weihong, as well as researchers from U.S.A, Australia, Hong Kong, and other areas of Chinese mainland. The forum mainly concentrated on biological information technology in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) era.

The 21st century has seen rapid development of science and technology. As life sciences, information technology, and related subjects sprang up, an era of big data has come. New technologies, represented by big data in healthcare, biomolecule, and agriculture; internet; big data technique; artificial intelligence (AI); and interdisciplinary research on biology and other fields, play a significant role in healthcare, economy, industry, and people's daily life.

CAS academician Tan Weihong

CAS academician Yu Ruqin

CAS academician Zhao Guoping

Chen Runsheng, member of the CAS Institute of Biophysics, Zhao Guoping, member of the CAS Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, academician Tan Weihong from Hunan University, and more than 20 Chinese and foreign researchers delivered academic reports. More than 300 experts, scholars, postgraduate students, and enterprise representatives participated.

The forum, initiated by the Hunan Bioinformation Society, is a platform of exchange and talent attraction for bioinformation discipline and industrial technology development. It is expected to facilitate Hunan's bioinformation technology progress.

Source: enghunan.gov.cn

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