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Yuelu Mountain Industrial Innovation Center Established

An academician forumon the establishment of the “China Engineering Science and Technology Joint Innovation Center – Hunan Industrial Innovation Center” (also known as the “Yuelu Mountain Industrial Innovation Center”) was held on December 26, 2019. Xu Dazhe, deputy secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and governor of Hunan Province, and Li Xiaohong, president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), unveiled the nameplate of the center.

Hunan Governor Xu Dazhe (2nd, L) and CAE President Li Xiaohong (1st, R) unveil the nameplate of the center.

The attendees included Zhong Zhihua, CAE vice president; Chen Fei, vice governor of Hunan Province; CAE academicians He Jishan, Yin Zeyong, Ding Rongjun, Song Junqiang, Ouyang Xiaoping, Zhou Jianping, Luo An, Zheng Jianlong, Liao Xiangke, Wang Yaonan, Chai Liyuan; HNU President Duan Xiaozhong; and, HNU Vice President Wang Weibin. Jiang Chao, executive dean of HNU College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering presented the construction plan of the center.

The center, based on resources of CAE’s think tank, willtarget to Hunan’s key competitive industries. It will make use of the resources of the Yuelu Mountain University Town, the “Two Mountains (Fenghuang and Tianma mountains) and One Lake (Taozi Lake)” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, and Changsha Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Lu-valley Production-Education-Research integrated base; and, focus on Hunan’s competitive industries such as rail transit, construction machinery, and small and middle-sized aero-engines. It will be built into a center of technical innovation, basic research for application, emerging industry incubation, and industrial strategy consultation. Eight sub-centers will be set for rail transit; construction machinery; small and middle-sized aero-engine; new materials; information; new energy; intelligent manufacturing; metallurgy; and, environmental protection.

The center will collaborate with the CRRC Zhuzhou Institute, CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive, CRRC Zhuzhou Electric, XEMC Group, Sany, Zoomlion, China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corporation Limited, and Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC) 608 Institute and 331 Factory, to probe into key technologies and carry outachievement transformation based on the state’s major requirements. A batch of internationally competitive enterprises, and leading featured emerging industrial clusters will be formed.

Xu Dazhe, deputy secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and governor of Hunan Province, delivers a speech.

Li Xiaohong, president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), speaks.

CAE academician Zhong Zhihua speaks.

CAE academician Ding Rongjun speaks.

CAE academician Luo An speaks.

CAE academician Wang Yaonan speaks.

HNU President Duan Xianzhong attends the forum.

HNU Vice President Wang Weibin attends the forum.

Jiang Chaodelivers a report on the construction plan of the center.

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