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National Music Concert Staged at HNU

A national music concert was held at HNU auditorium on October 20. It was hosted by the Art Education Center. Concert performers from the Hunan National Music Troupe offered a music feast to HNU faculties and students. Deng Wei, secretary of the CPC HNU Committee, attended.

Theconcert opened with a Huqin (Chinese fiddle) ensemble. A group of music masterpieces were performed, such as folk music Shi Mian Mai Fu (ambushed); Xiangxi Tujia folk instrument performance “Daliuzi”; Sheng (a Chinese free reed wind instrument) solo; film“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” theme music; and, Argentine musician Piazzolla’s “Free Tango”. HNU Student National Music Troupe members made interactive performance with the artists. Famous Guzheng player andChina’s national first-class instrument performer Li Lei had an instrumental ensemble with HNU troupe.

This was HNU’s first concertafter the epidemic outbreak. Next, there will be a HNU Student Keyboard Troupe show to mark the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven; HNU symphony concert as a part of the Changsha College Student Symphony Week; and, the debut show of HNU Student Reciting Troupe.

Cao Peng, head of the Hunan National Music Troupe and a national first-class instrument performer

Li Lei, Hunan’s famous Guzheng player and a national first-classinstrument performer

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