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HNU-designed Mining Truck Debuts at China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo

The second China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo was held in Changsha between September 26 and 29, 2021.

Awide-body mining truck of the Sany Group made a debut at the expo. Xiao Dihu, Yi Jun, and Li Hui from HNU School of Design were responsible for the industrial design of the truck.


The Sany wide-body mining truck is displayed at the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo.

Beginning from 2017, HNU School of Design has been providing industrial design service for the Sany Group in its wide-body mining trucks. The truck debuting at the expo is a second-generation, which was developed in 2019 based on the first generation in 2018. The design team also developed an unmanned electric wide-body truck in 2019, and a displayed truck at the Bauma CHINA 2020.

In order to design an innovative truck which can satisfy users’ demands and has strong adaptability, the designers investigated service conditions of the first-generation trucks in the mines in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Yunnan, and Guangdong. They consulted with truck drivers, maintainers, and owners to learn about advantages and disadvantages of the trucks and getfirst-handinformationas a basis for next-generation truck design.


Designers make field research.


The Sany wide-body mining trucks designed by HNU School of Design.

The Sany Group, a chief partner of the second China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, exhibited 15 kinds of Africa-oriented products at the expo, including excavators, cranes, mining machinery, road machinery, and port machinery. These products feature outstanding performance in technical innovation and strong adaptability, and can meet with African market demands. Some of these mining, crane, and port machinery are designed by HNU School of Design.

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