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Assistant Professors in Economics/ International Economics/ Urban Economics/ Industrial Economics /Finance

School of Economics and Trade, Hunan University

The history of Economics disciplines at Hunan University can be traced back to the Faculty of Business established in 1926.

The School offers master’s degrees and doctoral degrees in the two first-order disciplines--Theoretical Economics and Applied Economics. It confers master’s degrees in Taxation and International Business. It awards bachelor’s degrees in International Trade, Economics and Finance and Taxation, among which International Trade is named the National Key Discipline, and International Economics and Trade is the National Characteristic Specialty. The School currently enrolled over 2,000 students with 1,300 undergraduates, 550 master students, 150 doctoral students and around 100 international graduate students.

The school has a staff of 90 with a faculty of 76, of which, 29 are professors. Over half of the faculty gained doctoral degrees at many prestigious universities. Our distinguished faculty includes National Outstanding Youth, Cheung Kong Scholars, State Education Teachers, Lotus Scholars, Council experts for Special Allowances, and members of the State’s Outstanding Talents Project of the 21st century. The School has a national-level teaching team, a national-level innovative training model laboratory and two national quality courses. More than 20 overseas PhDs set up “The Wanglu economic community” which welcomes more passion aggressive youth to join.

“As heaven maintains vigor through movements, one should constantly strive for self-perfection. As earth's condition is receptive devotion, one should hold the outer world with broad mind.”By carrying such aspiration, the School of Economy and Trade of Hunan University will continue its legacy of promoting the unity and progress and its rigorous attitude in research, and engage in promoting professional education, elevating disciplinary platforms, increasing scientific research strength and enhancing international openness. The School is committed to making a significant and due contribution to academia and China’s economy development while it moves forward on its path to excellence.


• Conduct full-time lecturing and research in the relevant disciplines.

• A PhD degree or equivalent in the relevant area from an internationally recognized university.

• Research experience with outstanding academic achievements will be given special considerations.

• Fluent in English communication and technical writing, applications of non-Chinese origin is encouraged to have basic Chinese communication skills.

• Responsible for teaching at least one core course in the related major for undergraduate students and one basic course each year.

• The initial contract will be five years with a possibility of renew for tenure based on performance in academic publication, teaching and seeking external funding.

Compensation and Benefits:

• Annual salary RMB 200,000~350,000, depending on applicant position. Candidates with special experiences and strong academic record will be given special consideration.

• Settlement allowance: RMB 200,000 for professors and RMB 140,000 for associate professors and assistant professors, paid in monthly within five years.

• Monthly accommodation rental subsidy within 2 years, RMB 400~600 for assistant professor and associate professor, RMB 800 for professors.

• Start-up research package of RMB 100,000 for professors.

• Youth Scholars funding available for assistant professor and associated professor under 40 years old, with a lump-sum research grant of RMB 150,000~200,000, to be distributed in five years.

• Full university benefits and public insurance.

• Subsidiary nursery school, primary school and middle school, ranked top in the city.

• 3 months University semester vacation, summer vacation runs from July to August and winter vacation around Chinese New Year.

Application Deadline:

Open until filled.

Position Start Date:

Available immediately.

How to apply:

• A detailed updated C.V in MS Word or PDF version, including educational, research and professional experiences.

• Supporting materials for academic achievements that listed in applicant’s CV, such as Degree certificate, full copies of applicant’s important papers, copies of certificate of the research projects, awards, and patents.

• Three reference letters if there are available.Online Application or Email Mr. Wang Xinhua at hdskjd_985@126.com.More information about the college is available at http://cet.hnu.cn. As to some personnel information, please visit http://rsc.hnu.cn or contact Mrs. Wang Qian at job@hnu.edu.cn.

Contact Information

Contact Person: Wang Xinhua


Fax: +0086-731-88684825

Add: Hunan University School of Economics&Trade, Changsha, Hunan, P.R.China
Zip: 410079

Email: hdskjd_985@126.com

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