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Assistant Professors/Associate Professors/Professors in Financial Engineering/ Statistics and Finance (including Insurance and Actuarial)

College of Finance and Statistics ,Hunan University

The College of Finance and Statistics of Hunan University comprises of five teaching departments in Monetary Finance, Applied Finance, Financial Engineering, Risk Management and Insurance, Statistics. We have 85 full-time teaching faculty altogether, including 22 professors (12 PhD supervisors) and 40 Associate professors. Up till now, the college has a complete cultivation scheme of four tiers, including two postdoc exchange station in the first-order discipline of applied economics and statistics, two PhD programs in the first-order disciplines, five Master of Science programs, and five programs for specialized masters, four programs for undergraduates.

The College has intensive and comprehensive communication and cooperation with overseas education and research institutes, including MIT, University of Miami, Georgia Tech, University of Huston, LSE, University of Nottingham, University of Regina, University of Western Australia, University of Monash, University of North-East Japan, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Taiwan, Tamkang University of Taiwan. We host LOMA and SOA tests for international profession qualifications.


Assistant Professors/Associate Professors/Professors in Financial Engineering/ Statistics and Finance (including Insurance and Actuarial)

Number of vacancies:4

General Responsibilities and Requirements:

•Conduct full-time lecturing and research in the discipline of Finance, Statistics and Insurance.

•A PhD degree from an internationally renowned university.

•Research experience with outstanding academic achievements will be given special considerations.

•Fluent in English communication and technical writing, applications of non-Chinese origin is encouraged to have basic Chinese communication skills.

Specific Responsibilities and Requirements for different positions:

•Professor: has been on a professor or associate professor position in overseas university, or recognized famous scholar in his/her fields; be capable of coordinating with multiple disciplines and leading the edge in his/her research fields; under 45 years old, the age requirement can be slightly loosened under special conditions;

•Associate Professors: has been on an assistant professor or equivalence position in an overseas university; under 45 years old.

•Assistant Professor: be capable of teaching the cutting-edge course in the relevant disciplines; under 35 years old.

Compensation and Benefits:

•Annual salary RMB 350,000 to RMB600,000 professor, RMB 350,000 to RMB 450,000 for Associate Professors, RMB 150,000 to RMB 350,000 for Assistant Professor (two sides to negotiate).

•Settlement allowance RMB 200,000 for professors and RMB 140,000 for associate professors and assistant professors, paid in monthly within five years.

•Monthly accommodation rental subsidy within 2 years, RMB 400~600 for assistant professor and associate professor, RMB 800 for professors.

•Start-up research fund RMB 100,000 for professors

.•Youth Scholars funding available for assistant professor and associated professor under 40 years old, with a lump-sum research grant of RMB 150,000 or RMB 200,000, annual payment in five years.

•Full university benefits and public insurance.

•Subsidiary nursery school, primary school and middle school, ranked top in the city.

•3 month University semester vacation, summer vacation runs from July to August and Winter vacation around Chinese New Year.

Application Deadline:

Open until filled.

Position Start Date:

Available immediately.

How to apply:

•A detailed updated C.V in MS Word or PDF version, including educational, research and professional experiences.

•Supporting materials for academic achievements that listed in applicant’s CV, such as Degree certificate, full copies of applicant’s important papers, copies of certificate of the research projects, awards, and patents

•Three reference letters if there are available.

Online Application or Email Mrs. Zhang Zhiyuan at zzyyym@163.com

More information about the college is available at http://jt.hnu.edu.cn/. As to some personnel information, please visit http://rsc.hnu.cn or contact Mrs. Wang Qian at job@hnu.edu.cn.

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